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  1. We Are Bulletproof

    Hazleton is a small town with big secrets.
  2. On anxiety medication and my head feels so muzzy, hours later. I think going to bed tonight will be easy.

  3. Just realizing a lot of my peeves are bathroom related. That's because we moved and I no longer have my own bathroom. Apparently I REALLY HATE sharing a bathroom.

  4. Slowly starting to feel human again. But I still don't wanna go to class tonight. Rawr!

    1. Naome

      Whoo to feeling human again! Class though... *throws sparkles to make class pretty*

    2. Zozma

      I regret night classes.

    3. Naome

      They are... quite horrid. 

  5. Damn it, Ativan. I need to do things and all I can do is think about how much my face wants to bury itself in a pillow right now.

    1. Morrigan

      *snuggles her love all over the zoz*

    2. Naome

      *beams good energy at Zoz*

  6. Whoo-hoo! Finally getting things done on my site again! So many plans!

  7. My poor husband. He surprised me with a Roku for the bedroom since I use the one in the living room on a daily basis... and then it doesn't work. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Zozma

      Faylen, you're right. We had to call customer service but it works now! :D

    3. Cloud

      Hopefully it was a simple fix and you got someone competent. Getting someone who doesn't care about their job or doesn't do a good job at all when calling customer service is nightmarish. 

    4. Zozma

      The lady on the phone was really nice and she walked us through it. It was a pretty simple fix. Something with the HDMI, I think?

  8. Thank you for being a wonderfully understanding person and not dropping contact with me. <3

    1. Zozma

      No problem. Thanks for bearing with me!

    2. Naome

      Of course! There's nothing to bear with except you being wonderful company to talk to :P

  9. Thank you for being awesome and sticking with me! <33  Love love!

    1. Zozma

      I love you guys and DF! <3

  10. Jaw's been killing me so that's why I've been so quiet. 

    1. Naome

      D: What a pain; try laying down and relaxing, maybe that will help. I hope your jaw feel better soon!

    2. Zozma

      Yeah that's what I've been doing. Just lying down with the TV or Harvest Moon to relax.

    3. Naome

      Ah Harvest Moon, that's always a relaxing game to play with it's cute characters and all the animals. 

  11. Happy birthday Zozma!!

    1. Zozma

      Thanks! :D I spent it at my nephew's birthday party. Haha! 

  12. First Posts

    I love the Ice Cream Parlor theme and I'm using it now but the one problem I've run into is that the first post in a topic is super hard to read: http://i.imgur.com/jOn66QI.png Not sure that counts as a bug really but I didn't want to post it directly on the announcement. EDIT: It's also in the posts by the OP in a topic, too. EDIT2: Ah, I'm sorry Morrigan. I just saw that this has been addressed multiple times already. I should have read those bugs before posting mine.
  13. I'm not even done with the first episode and this show is sooooo intense! Thank you!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Morrigan

      Se Ki... Totes a baller asshole.

    3. Zozma

      Yeesss, he's my favorite. Him and the one called Yo Na. <3

    4. Morrigan

      I haven't gotten to Yo Na yet. I can't wait!!! Almost done with episode 2 (keep having to pause to do other things so I don't miss things!)

  14. My love for SMF is unstoppable. I'm learning that as I navigate sites on various other types of software. *SOBS* I love it so much!