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  1. Moorland Manor

    18+ historical RPG; inclusive, friendly community, ghostly intrigue and murder plots
  2. Hey DF said it's your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    1. Alandree

      Hey, thanks so much! <3

  3. Found a Dorian, now looking for a few ships for Fenris!

  4. Wanna help spread the word about an LGBT+ Multi-Genre board of awesome?

  5. You know you like da hobbit love!

  6. Also @Mia is awesome!

    1. Claire

      I am working up to that! :P

  7. Attempting to make a dark skin for my board. Not lookin' good so far XD

  8. Stuck in really boring threads right now with no way to get out of them or third party to break the awkward. T_T

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    2. Claire

      If you want me to promote the site via the SN's let me know. :D Can't hurt, can it?

    3. Alandree

      Oh that would be so wonderful, thank you! <3

    4. Claire

      Okay, I can do Facebook, google plus, twitter and tumblr. Submit a tweet or PM me the advert and I will tweet it for you. Submit the tumblr ad, or again PM it to me. :P PM me the blurb for the FB and g+ adverts. :D

  9. Had to edit my directory post a bit, for some reason it said my board opened in 1969 or something xD

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    2. Alandree

      LOL well then I will consider it a compliment. x3

    3. Kajouka

      THAT IS AMAZING RUN TIME!!! <3 lol

    4. Alandree

      Right? I'm so proud. I've been running it before birth~

  10. I know we've only been open for a week, but I'm still paranoid since we've not gotten any members who actually post yet besides my mod and myself. *sweats*

  11. Quaint and Curious

    I have the hardest time writing these. Basically, I am a Canadian 23 year old who is currently doing some school and trying to get a handle on this whole being an adult thing. I love the arts, particularly visual and performing, and have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and need some rp fun times to make my days less boring! And no worries, once I get busy again, I tend to be an active poster anyway. I run one site of my own at the moment (a non-fantasy medievalesque type deal), and it's my primary focus. I'd love to find someone here to write with me on my site, but I would tentatively be willing to try something on the RP Realm, or through email, most especially if you want to play one of my fandom ships.