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    I started with play by email Star Trek simming towards the end of my high school career (so, like 2000/2001?), then added tabletop RPG into the mix a few years later. My first dice based RPG sessions were Champions and White Wolf's old World of Darkness, eventually expanding into various other systems as time went on. Current favorites include Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, old World of Darkness, Serenity, and Airship Pirates. Most of my online RP has been in the Star Trek area, but I have dabbled in steampunk too.
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    I have either helped run, or originated, multiple games. The first game I was staff for was an LJ based Star Trek RP with a community that people posted together with characters' journals, and then posted personal stuff in the character's journal. I was recruited into another game where I was pulled into staff when a previous staff member left and I stayed until the game died from inactivity. Since then, I've been involved in multiple play by Nova sims both independent and as part of the UCIP community.

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  1. A Play-by-Nova Starfleet Intelligence Covert Ops ship set in 2416.