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  1. Crossfire

    A modern fantasy crime RP with a school add on that accepts magical students and non.
  2. Yes, you silly dog, hakuna yo tatas, you will be fed. Eesh.

  3. Aaaand back down the depression rabbit hole... hello there old friend, I did not miss you seriouslygoawayalready. ... starting to wonder if I need meds to beat it.

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    2. Morrigan

      I used to be anti-pink because i had all brothers and it made me just "too girlie" to be tough. About a year before I got pregnant with my daughter I determined I liked pink and over the past 12 years my love has just increased for it.

    3. Arceus

      And so forms the "Pink sucked when I thought it demeaned my image and now I'm bamf enough to realise it's actually really boss" club, huh? XD

    4. Morrigan

      Basically. Becoming more feminine really helped.

  4. My tomato plant split into four. O_O I so proud! Gotta move my peppers though, they're not doing so well.

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    2. Arceus

      How do you keep them? I have lavender in my living room, and they're quite alive, so maybe I can help? I've also got catnip, a jade succulent, aloe vera, green onion, strawberries, lilac, bleeding hearts, irises... yeah. My dad's got a really huge vegetable garden going, too. Can you tell I descend from farmers? XD

    3. CandleJack

      Well I started the lavender and forget-me-nots inside, in starter pots. They started to sprout and it's not freezing overnight anymore, so I took them outside. WE had one night of rain, so they were under the window sill so they don't get pounded. But I'm pretty sure I killed the forget-me-nots because I took down a bush and they got too much sun. The lavender hasn't even sprouted, so I'm pretty sure they are already dead?

      I planted sunflowers and they are sprouting SUPER QUICK in the sun spot. My aloe plant is kind of struggling on my desk. T_T I think I have a black thumb that reaches down to my toes.

    4. Arceus

      Well, lavender needs a lot of sun and a well-drained soil, with good air circulation. Lavender doesn't like excessive moisture or humidity. I've got mine in a clay pot that sucks up a lot of the water to keep the lavender from getting drowned, it's also got peat moss in the soil and perlite. Phosphorus rich fertiliser or bone meal helps it handle cold snaps better. Keep in mind though that really hot days and long hours of direct sunlight will probably require them to be watered.


      Aloe is a succulent, so you can actually damage it by watering too much, and it needs a fair bit of sunlight ( not too much direct, but if you've got a spot by a window that doesn't get a lot of direct sun, but still a good bit of sunlight, that'd work ). Since it's very similar to a cactus, cactus-soil mixes are best, and it also needs a lot of well-draining soil, you can mix up small gravel in the soil to help or perlite, or both.


      For watering, a really good trick is to stick a toothpick into the soil, wait a few seconds, and pull it. If it's wet, don't water. If it comes back dry, water it. It is possible your forget me nots got too much sun, because they like shady areas and need water retention. I'd actually really recommend keeping to succulents for a bit as they're not as intensive, and then spreading into the other types of plants, because some can be really demanding, and balancing a wide variety of plant types is difficult when you're not a seasoned grower. Are you feeding them minerals or fertilising at all? That also may help them grow better.

  5. Somehow, this charrie roped me into a smut thread again, and every time he smuts, it's a feels trip from the bowels of Hades, so I'm sitting here smutting and trying not to cry because dang he's sweet, my feels, I can't.

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    2. CandleJack

      Welcome to the sin, train. There is no Father to confess to. Hope you enjoy your stay. <3

    3. Arceus

      Pfft, I've been here a long, long time.

    4. Rune

      Woooo woooo! All aboard!

  6. Quest names. Ooo they get me every time. Mine have very lame names.

  7. Couple charries are seriously having a paint-ball war on my site right now. ... this is fantastic.

  8. Gearing up to unleash territory battles and lineage power / influence upgrades onto my site. You wanna talk like you a boss, show you a boss. <3

  9. Overhauled an entire site's documentation in a little over 24 hours. I don't know whether to be pleased, or afraid of myself.

  10. So tired of being screwed over by people I thought were my friend. Done. So done.

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    2. Rune

      If you aren't getting paid and it helps you in no way, it can fuck off in my opinion. Why are you continuing to bother if it serves no purpose to you?

    3. Arceus

      Because of my ISP's ToS, I cannot outright charge regularly for hosting, and I believe technically donating in order to get hosted is also against my ISP's ToS, so it's more of a if you feel like helping, here's a donation pool, but it's not actually for the hosting, type deal. So most of my hostees do not pay me at all, because charging would actually be against my ISP's ToS and potentially lose me their patronage, and then there goes the entire ship, it just sank. I have to get onto the business plan, which is what I need the income for ( + more servers and stuff ). It's kind of a roundabout circle-cycle. I'm using the lead up to getting onto the business plan to build a userbase so when we do go commercial, we have a loyal base that can give positive testimony and help spread the word.

      So, yeah, TL;DR not really in it for the money, it'd just be nice for expansion, and I'm kind of annoyed I was basically told I'd be paid and now I won't be.

    4. Rune

      I still fail to see how it's helping you but you, clearly, understand things better than I do. If it goes South, don't stick around and go down with it...

  11. Squee, green things! Bought baby plants. Catnip, lavender, aloe vera, mini jade succulent, bell pepper, and cherry tomato. Meep! -vibrate- My jade plant is so cute.

  12. Today, I learnt how to do CSS flip cards. I feel coding-culturally enriched.

    1. Morrigan

      Oh, but do they work on Safari and iPhones? (went through that nightmare).

    2. Arceus

      Dunno. I have neither, and I'm not going to spend another countless hours fixing it when the other side has nothing of particular necessity. They can just live with it not flipping, won't dampen their experience any.

  13. will finish this novel redraft before the end of April. Revision or bust!

  14. So many boards to build. So little time in the day. Sometimes, being a host really tanks.

  15. Gettin' places on this PokeDex, yeah! Ten already. Seems to be a trend, I make about five a day. In about a month I should have a full 150 Pokemon dex. ... godsaveme.