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  2. 101 members! Woooooo

  3. Ready to break away from something.

  4. Decided it was time to come back. Hi

  5. 99 members! Who wants to be lucky #100?

  6. I have found my way back, loves. I got lost for a while. But alas, here I am -chuckles;

  7. I love the Staff Bot! I know it loves me back!

  8. Hmmmmm........


    Writing here once a year

    That's a disappointment near here!

  9. Getting some major progress on my Spyro idea :o Hopefully soon we'll have a skeleton in the works to put up!

  10. /me curls into a little ball of hate

    1. Rune

      /snuggles up

      Let me join you.

    2. Death Kitten

      I've got Queen making it better right now. Here, let me share the magic of Freddie to make it better:



  11. Excuse me while I throw everything.

    1. Death Kitten

      /me offers koosh balls, Tribbles, and pillows so as to not add broken things to the list of why things must be thrown

  12. You're going to help pull me up to second place in the poked and poking standings, right?

    1. Rune

      Ride my coattails, young padawan.

    2. Death Kitten

      Only like 90 more to go, if candlejack doesn't start poking

  13. Welcome to Distant Fantasies. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  14. Yes, you silly dog, hakuna yo tatas, you will be fed. Eesh.

  15. Could use a hug right about now. 

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    2. Amelia

      Thank you guys <3, been through a rough time and working my way out but it is not without its bumps! 

      Doing much better today =D!

  16. Firefox is officially on my shit list. The most recent update has completely broken Firebug. FML!

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    2. Morrigan

      I love firefox. It's driving me nuts that this isn't working. It's how I code. >_<

    3. Amelia

      -Snugs Morr-

    4. Death Kitten

      Grr, stupid broken Firebug. >.<

  17. :sparkle: Why are the poke wars so fun? :sparkle:

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    2. Honorem

      Because there can only be one! And everyone wants to be that one!

      (Prepare to die on the poke battlefield)

    3. Death Kitten

      There shall be no poker unpoked as long as I draw breath. Bring it. I SAID BRING IT. :muscles:

  18. Aaaand back down the depression rabbit hole... hello there old friend, I did not miss you seriouslygoawayalready. ... starting to wonder if I need meds to beat it.

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    2. Morrigan

      I used to be anti-pink because i had all brothers and it made me just "too girlie" to be tough. About a year before I got pregnant with my daughter I determined I liked pink and over the past 12 years my love has just increased for it.

    3. Arceus

      And so forms the "Pink sucked when I thought it demeaned my image and now I'm bamf enough to realise it's actually really boss" club, huh? XD

    4. Morrigan

      Basically. Becoming more feminine really helped.

  19. Awww yeah. Two year celebrations rolled out!

    1. Morrigan

      Woot! GRATS!

  20. Welcome to Distant Fantasies. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  21. Play?


    1. Morrigan

      How do you play? It's not very clear.

    2. Death Kitten

      I intended it to just be open to writing whatever in the scene

    3. Morrigan

      Interesting. Alright. Give me a bit (doing work like things....)

  22. So close. Can you taste it?

    1. Rune

      It tastes like winning.

    2. Death Kitten

      /me passes the chocolate cigars.


      Was that as good for you as it was for me? :lol:

    3. Rune

      /fans self

  23. Carry me to 500 pokes, DK!

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    2. Rune

      I'm pokin' as hard as I can!

    3. Death Kitten

      She canna take anymore, Rune, or she'll blow?

    4. Rune

      I'm a poker, Jim, not a doctor? I don't know quotes but I tried!

  24. Pumpkins are sprouting!

  25. My tomato plant split into four. O_O I so proud! Gotta move my peppers though, they're not doing so well.

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    2. Arceus

      How do you keep them? I have lavender in my living room, and they're quite alive, so maybe I can help? I've also got catnip, a jade succulent, aloe vera, green onion, strawberries, lilac, bleeding hearts, irises... yeah. My dad's got a really huge vegetable garden going, too. Can you tell I descend from farmers? XD

    3. CandleJack

      Well I started the lavender and forget-me-nots inside, in starter pots. They started to sprout and it's not freezing overnight anymore, so I took them outside. WE had one night of rain, so they were under the window sill so they don't get pounded. But I'm pretty sure I killed the forget-me-nots because I took down a bush and they got too much sun. The lavender hasn't even sprouted, so I'm pretty sure they are already dead?

      I planted sunflowers and they are sprouting SUPER QUICK in the sun spot. My aloe plant is kind of struggling on my desk. T_T I think I have a black thumb that reaches down to my toes.

    4. Arceus

      Well, lavender needs a lot of sun and a well-drained soil, with good air circulation. Lavender doesn't like excessive moisture or humidity. I've got mine in a clay pot that sucks up a lot of the water to keep the lavender from getting drowned, it's also got peat moss in the soil and perlite. Phosphorus rich fertiliser or bone meal helps it handle cold snaps better. Keep in mind though that really hot days and long hours of direct sunlight will probably require them to be watered.


      Aloe is a succulent, so you can actually damage it by watering too much, and it needs a fair bit of sunlight ( not too much direct, but if you've got a spot by a window that doesn't get a lot of direct sun, but still a good bit of sunlight, that'd work ). Since it's very similar to a cactus, cactus-soil mixes are best, and it also needs a lot of well-draining soil, you can mix up small gravel in the soil to help or perlite, or both.


      For watering, a really good trick is to stick a toothpick into the soil, wait a few seconds, and pull it. If it's wet, don't water. If it comes back dry, water it. It is possible your forget me nots got too much sun, because they like shady areas and need water retention. I'd actually really recommend keeping to succulents for a bit as they're not as intensive, and then spreading into the other types of plants, because some can be really demanding, and balancing a wide variety of plant types is difficult when you're not a seasoned grower. Are you feeding them minerals or fertilising at all? That also may help them grow better.

  26. "Today is a good day to die!" says a movie line. I think no day is good to die, all of them should be good to live... And that waiting in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's style is the worst...

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