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  4. Ferox

    Ferox is an original modern supernatural roleplay set in the imaginary town of Eagle Creek, Oregon.
  5. Tyrannights: Tales of Legends

    Tales of Legends is world and character building focused with and original setting. There are no forced character apps or registration.
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  7. Obscurums

    suprenatural horror set in louisiana
  8. A Third Pass, Canon, 16+, No Word Count DRoP Roleplay. No experience in Pern needed.
  9. First Rise

    marauder era 1980 order vs death eaters
  10. Shinka!!! A Digimon Roleplay

    Shinka!!! is a stats-free Digimon roleplay where we emphasize storytelling, character development, and player freedom.
  11. Star Wars: Imperium

    A story-based animanga Star Wars: The Old Republic roleplay, in the midst of the Great Galactic War.
  12. Blessed are the Abandoned

    Open for one month today!
  13. Dershingham Vale

    A post Pride & Prejudice Era RP plagued with terror
  14. Tame the Whispers

    A Disney personified game set in AU NYC.
  15. That Black Magic

    Post-potter au with elements from cursed child, new magic academy for adults.
  16. After a Dream

    Rune factory/harvest moon based roleplay
  17. No Noise, No Noise

    The setting is Du Pont, Michigan in 2120. People called Abnormals are discriminated against and feared for their powers...
  18. Afflicted

    A Jcink Premium 18+ Adult Gothic Horror Modern Day Supernatural RP!
  19. Estorica

    A fantasy anime world called Malice. Home to magically created orphans that mutate and adapt via the magical properties in their bodies and land.
  20. Talons and Tea Leaves

    An original, mythical creatures safe haven city, located just off the coast of New York City.
  21. First Rise

    harry potter marauder era au, 1980
  22. Astorea

    sandbox fantasy rpg
  23. Profane

    Profane is an LGBT-friendly RP and welcomes a wide range of faces and characters.
  24. Blood Law

    Fun and friendly, there is a reason that this site has been around for going on four years. <3
  25. Dragon riders on an alien planet punching alien dinosaurs in the face.

    Lex Luthor and his cabinet of unknowns as taken over the Washington. It's you guess what will happen next!
  27. Mass Effect: We Fight or We Die

    We are an AU Mass Effect rp set 3 months before the events of Mass Effect 3 and the Reaper Invasion. All canons available!
  28. Chaotic Rebirth

    An AU born from the collision of Bleach and DBZ.
  29. Ever wanted a Vulcan Jedi? A Roswell Grey Sith? A Wookie ensign in Star Fleet? The 'verse is a very big place...
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