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  2. Concrete Pawsteps is a feral canine and wolf roleplay. We are a friendly community that welcomes all!
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  4. I really love Rorupurei. The concepts and rules are simple to understand and everyone there is nice. Rorupurei happens to be my first roleplaying site and it has given me a good impression. The Rorupurei family is still in its growing spurt and will always be, and I would like for you to come join our Roru Family. The Staff there are all respectable and responsible. There are these seasonal activities the Staff create to keep Rorupurei connected and enjoyable. There are so much positive things there that I can't name them all.
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  6. 18+ Gritty RPG based in Scotland's City of Glasgow.
  7. Appleby is a post-apoc RP set in the English village of Appleby, surrounded by fences which keep the zombies out.
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  9. Avalon is a canon Panfandom RP site. Possibilities are endless and we allow almost all genres of characters.
  10. An AU Warriors RP set in the northwestern region of the USA!
  11. a brand new supernatural town rp where a mysterious disappearance that happened years ago, is starting to surface again..
  12. Post magic apocalptic free form role play.
  13. 18+ AU Disney/Fairytale Personifcation set in New Orleans.
  14. Battle Between Bloodlines This is an AU Vampire Diaries and Originals. Hunters have made their home in Mystic Falls. A curse has hit Mystic Falls.
  15. Next Generation Supernatural RPG. AU Post Season 5 Finale
  16. Voldemort Won the war and Witch Hunters are on the rise, with the boy who lived gone Who will save us all?
  17. Au Uk Based Anita Blake || Supernatural creatures rpg
  18. An Alternate Universe Shadowhunter RP
  19. Star Wars: The Great War is a RPG based long before the events in The Phantom Menance, when the Galactic Republic and Jedi were at war with the Sith.
  20. an animanga fc, no restriction forum roleplay for writers of all strengths and skill. set in a fictional nagasaki, japan. no activity checks!
  21. The Awakening is an AU TVD/TO forum. It is set 17 years post-season 3 of TO
  22. we are an AU TOR Era based Star Wars RP based 3 years after the first KOTOR game with a light side ending.
  23. Our community seeks to capture the simple charm of the Harvest Moon video game series while providing a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
  24. Ever wanted a Vulcan Jedi? A Roswell Grey Sith? A Wookie ensign in Star Fleet? The 'verse is a very big place...
  25. Welcome to MDI (Midnight Daze Inn). We are an active multi genre adult roleplaying forum. Meet new friends, have fun!
  26. 101 members! Woooooo

  27. An 18+ multi-genre rp. No word counts, no apps, no restrictions.
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