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  3. A panfandom RPG that allows canons from all mediums as well as their universe brought into the multiverse!
  4. A unique Post-Potter rpg that takes place in the year 2027. It's a time of modern magic and a time of being wicked. What role will you play?
  5. We are an rp site based on the Fallout universe. Currently we are based upon the beginning of Fallout 4.
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  7. A semi-fantasy all wild animal roleplay game set in another world.
  8. Rated 5 stars, perhaps out of biased reasons but hear me out. x,3 - A super friendly community with the most chill and friendly staff I have ever met during my time roleplaying 10+ years in groups. - It's so well-kept, constantly active, and you'll always have lots to do. - You'll always see at least someone chatting in the cbox, so you can hop in to chat with us. - A unique take on the pokemon roleplay genre, but it's fair and highly engaging to those who hop in the roleplay! I just can't stick enough praise for this site, you just need to check Terrene out. ^w^
  9. Attention all proud warriors! This is the web's first RPG based on the Dragon Ball: Xenoverse video game series! Defend history tomorrow, today!
  10. An Animorphs roleplay set about 17 years after the liberation of Earth.
  11. A Premium Jcink Percy Jackson AU set in 2017
  12. Recently updated our skin's look. And we're very welcoming of new members and their ideas, so come plot with us!
  13. A unique AU Sailor Moon game that spans all 5+ arcs.
  14. Maerish is an original historical fantasy site rooted deeply in the lore of French and German fairy tales and folklore.
  15. We are a 17+ original scifi. Our members create the universe.
  16. set in an AU London ruled over the Gamemaster who populates the city with those around the multiverse who pique its interest.
  17. You versus the world. Choose a race, make your character, get adventuring.
  18. The Nebula-class is a class of exploratory cruiser, that is in service with Starfleet during these troubled times. A critical part of the design that
  19. Aqua is a canonless, adult-only potterverse rp with an extra spark. In 2016, WixNet has taken the world by storm but not everyone is ready to conform.
  20. A Brand Spankin' New DBZ RPG with friendly staff, accepting new members now!
  21. A High Fantasy Warriors RP
  22. A gifted, slice of life roleplay where you control what happens.
  23. A supernatural slave & master RPG Based in the year 2056 in New york city
  24. A New Dawn is an AU Mass Effect Andromeda role playing forum. We are based in the year 2819. The first arrival to Andromeda.
  25. An AU Once Upon a Time site set around the start of season one.
  26. Welcoming; good writers; friendly staff; well-thought out world and lore; definitely the kind of place I can make into an RP home!
  27. a play by post Proboards hosted roleplay forum based on the video game Horizon: Zero Dawn.
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