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    Description: A low fantasy, supernatural setting in southern California with a sandbox writing community.
    Date Opened: 01/01/2017
    MPAA Rating: M
    Adult Only? Yes

    RPG Rating:



    ¡Ay! dígame, dígame,
    dígame usted,
    ¿cuántas criaturitas
    se ha chupado usted?

    Ninguna, ninguna,
    ninguna no sé,
    ando en pretenciones
    de chuparme a usted.

    In every metropolis, there are those searching for a dream. From the bustling commerce of New York City to the glamorous strip of Las Vegas, the inhabitants move with determination and hopelessness. There are no paths to follow, no maps given. This is a struggle for survival in a civilization willing to forget you, filled with wonderful and terrible stories of the privileged to the poorest. Though the prominent cities of the United States once served as destinations for the greatest opportunities, they now pale in comparison to a Californian city that had risen from rags to riches within a century.

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