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    Description: Realshio is Harry Potter role play fourm based on jcink (premium). With multiple eras to play in!
    Date Opened: 09/30/2010
    MPAA Rating: M
    Adult Only? Yes

    RPG Rating:

    No word count!
    Our members range anywhere from beginner to advanced. 
    Mostly intermediate to advanced though. 
    All levels of players are welcome!
    Getting Started 
    Relashio currently  has five different era's! 
    Potter Era, Marauders Era, Next Generation, Post Oppression and Civil War! 
    We have canon and original characters.

    Types of Characters/Creatures Allowed:
    Original and canon
    Werewolfs, veela, vampire, muggles, witches, wizards, squibs, and more!

    Era Settings:
    Next Generation Era: 2022, Fall at Hogwarts.
    Potter Trio Era: 1996, Fall at Hogwarts.
    Marauders Era: 1977, Spring at Hogwarts.
    Post Oppression Era: 2037, Fall at Hogwarts.
    Civil War Era: 2097, Summer time.

    The Important Stuff:
    Our site rating is 3|3|3!
    Jcink Premium! 
    LBGTQ Friendly!
    Lots of creative freedom with your characters!
    Alternate Universe allowed!
    Very loosely Canon based!

    We were founded on September 30, 2010

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