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    Date Opened: 11/04/2016
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
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    Rated 5 stars, perhaps out of biased reasons but hear me out. x,3

    - A super friendly community with the most chill and friendly staff I have ever met during my time roleplaying 10+ years in groups.

    - It's so well-kept, constantly active, and you'll always have lots to do. 

    - You'll always see at least someone chatting in the cbox, so you can hop in to chat with us.

    - A unique take on the pokemon roleplay genre, but it's fair and highly engaging to those who hop in the roleplay! I just can't stick enough praise for this site, you just need to check Terrene out. ^w^

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    This is a pretty good site!

    The staff and members are very friendly, and there's almost always someone on to chat with. First time I joined, there were a lot of excited staff members to welcome me on board. 

    There's also so many things to do. There are currently five events going on this month, which are super fun to do. Since summer is coming, I'm even more excited to see what the staff come up with. Yeah, you might have to wait awhile for your character to be accepted, and your starter thread to be replied to, but chatting with everyone is certainly a distraction enough. XD

    The unique take on Pokemon is surprisingly addictive once you're on Terrene for a good couple of weeks. The excitement of completing your starter thread is pretty awesome as well. Um.. lessee..


    The one thing that's a little disappointing- but totally understandable- is that members can only have 3 characters. The first two are freebies, and the second can be created at any time. The third character can only be made once you're a member for five months. It's pretty understandable that the staff don't want to have so much stress with people running around with about a million characters. 


    Anyways, Terrene has a great community, and there will probably be a lot of excitement here soon. XD

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