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    Description: An original fantasy site set in the fictional realm of Otherwhere, where anything and everything can happen
    Date Opened: 03/23/2017
    MPAA Rating: M
    Adult Only? Yes

    RPG Rating:



    Otherwhere is an original supernatural site set in a fictional realm of otherwhere. Where magic and technology have come together to create something of your wildest dreams. Where anything and everything can happen and where setting a troll walking over a bridge is common knowledge and the howl of wolves is the music of the city. In Otherwhere your imagination is your only limitation. 


    Site Updates

    12/03 The angels have given us a weeks deadline to make everything shiny and new. Getting all the last bits finished for our flourish opening. .

    02/03 Demons are tricky things to make deals with, but when they are holding key players hostage, one must do what is needed. Canons fully updated.

    15/02 Otherwhere is currently under construction. The Trolls stole all the bridges, and ate all the children.

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