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    Description: Leave Me Lonely is a relatively simple, primarily character based, roleplay with a twist.
    Date Opened: 05/02/2017
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:

    The City of Angels is a notorious hotspot for any and all celebrities, a hub for cameras and scandal. In this proverbial playground for the rich and famous, nothing is city is average, from the looming cliff faces that oversee turquoise waters, to the mixture of modern and classic architecture. This allure is well known by all people, something the media surrounding the city intends to keep that way.

    The prestige and promise of an interesting life is the sole purpose for the aspiring artists to come, but it is all the same with those requesting a rather normal existence – there is always something to be done, and always somebody needing something to be done.

    However, everything beautiful is always gilded, a golden cover to a copper interior. One would assume that, with hard work and perseverance, one could get anywhere in life, but they would be wrong. In this city, nobody can get anywhere without some connections in the correct places. But where?

    I can't answer that for you, but I can say this: Welcome to Los Angeles.

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