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    Description: A post-apocalyptic cyberpunk role-play, streaks of tyranny and social injustice. Very dark; can be hard to deal with.
    Date Opened: 03/08/2016
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:

    x 16+, dark-gritty, social and civil rights issues
    x 18+ content areas for older members
    x easy app, no word count, no character cap
    x lax activity requirements for grown adults
    x patient, approachable staff, friendly members
    x close-knit welcoming  community, find a home with us
    x lgbt+ friendly. may be some ic prejudice but it's only ic.
    x want poly? we got poly. we got lots and lots of poly. don't want poly? thats ok too.
    x races: daeni ( ai / cyborg ), fusillade, demon, demonica ( demonxhuman ), psionic, human
    x plenty of tech to play with, airships, ais, plasma weapons and more
    x factions that do something; battle other factions and take their cities.
    x raise your faction's prestige and gain better defences.
    x guided quest system, optional auto skill system. custom demons.
    x crafting and item modding. runic system. reputation system.


    Site Updates

    Just underwent a major clean-up, reset, and minor overhaul. Lots of new stuff, some things were taken out for the time-being, they will be released at a later time.

    12/11 -- Some more overhauling. We've lost the Conquest tie, in favour of a more unique setting; this has almost entirely changed the feel of the game.

    12/27 -- Mature threads are now hidden from everyone but those that have their birthdate listed in their profile. No stumbling into 18+ areas on accident now!

    2/03 -- New Pokemon! We now have all of Generation 7, and part of our custom region PokeDex Fakemon!

    2/16 -- We are now free of our fandom shackles. The wiki has also seen an overhaul, it should be easier to get around in now.

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