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    Description: a play by post Proboards hosted roleplay forum based on the video game Horizon: Zero Dawn.
    Date Opened: 03/15/2017
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:

    Join us at Horizon, a roleplay based on
    the wildly popular new video game 
    Horizon: Zero Dawn by Guerilla Games.
    You will play as a tribes person, living your
    daily life as the human race does now, in the
    year of 3040: fighting robotic beasts, gather-
    ing parts as resources to craft weapons and
    armor to fight even more robotic beasts...

    We are set in times as if Aloy had never
    existed. There is an encroaching evil making 
    the robots more and more aggressive towards
    humans and there are the human cultists
    known as the Eclipse who admire this evil and
    seek to aid it, ignorant to the ill intent that
     it has. It's a race against time to save the
    world from the dawning corruption
    and you'll be a part of it...

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