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    Description: Multi-fandom with a Kingdom Hearts base; may your heart be your guiding key.
    Date Opened: 01/26/2017
    MPAA Rating: R
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:

    The worlds have been through so much. The darkness has threatened innocent hearts time and again. Those that believe in the light and fight what what's right always rise up to beat the darkness back. For all their effort, no one could have predicted this.

    Ansem released the darkness in every heart, but at least there was order. In Xehanort's quest for power, his desire to rule all, he and his minions broke something. With the creation and destruction of the Organization's Kingdom Hearts, it has released a wave of power that has disrupted the very fabric of the worlds as we know them. The worlds themselves seem to be in tact, but not everyone is ... on the same page.

    The fragments of power have scattered everyone we know, allowing for past versions to travel through time. It has also opened up gateways for new refugees to fall through to the universe we know, but they seem to be one way doors. New people come through, but cannot return.

    It will be no easy task to set things right and, hopefully, send everyone back to their right full place and time. Pieces of power, and the worlds, are scattered and must be collected up to be returned to their rightful place to being to bring balance back. Perhaps then things will return to what we consider "normal."

    Site Updates

    Our first group activity has just begun! The Traverse Town Festival to honor Kingdom Hearts' 15th Anniversary is a fun, delightful and warming atmosphere! All are rejoicing in the festivities, though the looming darkness that resides all around is a little too difficult to shake...

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