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    Description: A ranch town site inspired by a tv show and a series of books called Heartland.
    Date Opened: 10/08/2016
    MPAA Rating: R
    Adult Only? Yes

    RPG Rating:


    In the small town of Green Lake, Alberta; population 600 things have always been about the ranch life, mostly cattle but some ranches are all about horses.  One such ranch is Healing Hearts Ranch, a ranch that used to be a cattle ranch until about thirty some years ago, when Anna Hayes née Young took it over after her father died and her brother wanted nothing to do with it.  Anna dedicated her time to working with abused, scared and neglected horses.  It's a 550 acre ranch and now the only child of Anna and her husband James is running the ranch and everything..

    The last few weeks Green Lake has been dealing with a horse thief or thieves.  The RCMP don't know who or if it is more than one person but it is creating a lot of work for Healing Hearts as well as the Mounties in Green Lake.

    Things We Offer at healing horses, healing hearts:

    • A Very Short Application
    • No Word Count
    • No Character Limit
    • A RPG Rating of L3S2V3
    • A No OOC Drama Tolerated Environment


    Site Updates

    October 8 - Site opens.


    November 8 - Site is one month old!


    December 8 - Site is two months old!


    January 8 - Site is three months old!


    February 8 - Site is four months old!


    March 8 - Site is five months old!


    April 3 - New Skin for Spring!


    April 8 - Site is six months old!


    May 1 - New Claim added to the claims.


    May 8 - Site is seven months old!


    June 29 - Site is eight months old!

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