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    Description: 18+ AU Disney/Fairytale Personifcation set in New Orleans.
    Date Opened: 07/06/2016
    MPAA Rating: M
    Adult Only? Yes

    RPG Rating:

    Set in the Beautiful City of New Orleans, Games with the Smoke is an 18 + AU Disney/Fairytale Personification site.  After the villains took over the old world, the heroes fled to a new one, starting over with new memories and new lives.  However, the villains couldn't let their slaves be free and followed after.  Now, as the two spells start twisting and turning into each other, memories start to return to the heroes and lines are being drawn as people seek to choose a side in a never ending battle.

    Site Updates

    With the release of Moana on DVD and Blu-Ray, the canons are now available for play!  Plenty are still open including Moana, Hei Hei, Tamatoa, Te Fiti, and Te Kā!

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