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    Description: An AU Warriors RP set in the northwestern region of the USA!
    Date Opened: 09/01/2016
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:

    FOREST'S EDGE is an alternate universe Warriors RP set in the northwestern high desert region of the United States, with the five clans you all know and love-- Thunder, Shadow, River, Wind, and Sky. Tensions are on the rise as floods wreak havoc on the clans, and evil lurks from beyond within the Dark Forest. Does your cat have what it takes to survive these dark waters?


    We are a friendly, welcoming community with a 75 minimum word count. We are laid-back on activity and are fairly sandbox in terms of plots-- you can suggest everything and everything! We hope to see you around. Our cbox is guest friendly!

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    Site Updates



    We are about to enter phase 2 of our site plot! What does this mean? Well it means although the floods that have affected the five clans are over, the real trouble is just beginning!
    The WindClan and RiverClan war has finally begun! All WindClan cats are able to participate in the attack on their camp. Click HERE to see the thread!


    - Site Spotlight has been updated! Congratulations to all of those that have won!
    - ThunderClan has a subplot involving cats getting kidnapped by twolegs, and a subsequent daring rescue!
    - The leader of SkyClan has been overthrown! Rogues have now taken over SkyClan, and its warriors are scattered to the wind. One brave warrior is determined to regather her clan though, even if it means undergoing a difficult journey.
    - ShadowClan has decided to aid the previous deputy of SkyClan to overthrow the evil Thistlestar. Tensions are high!
    - We now have sign-ups for cats that would like visited by the Dark Forest!
    - We have added new awards for the mini-profile!


    We also have a few various members' subplots involving cats that need adopted out, including a few forbidden romances. We are quite active here at FE, so we hope you can come stop by to check us out!

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