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    Description: Attention all proud warriors! This is the web's first RPG based on the Dragon Ball: Xenoverse video game series! Defend history tomorrow, today!
    Date Opened: 05/02/2017
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:
    Attention all proud warriors! 

    Have you ever considered joining Time Patrol? 
    As a Time Patroller, you’ll prevent history from being changed!
    Our duty is to protect everyone’s memories, and help return history to the way it should be!
    We’ve got a school for honing your skills, and a fully equipped item shop!


    Dragon Ball: Time Patrol is a forum-based RPG designed to explore the world of the Dragon Ball: Xenoverse video game series! The game is currently in Alpha testing; we are seeking players who can help us iron out the inevitable issues and bugs in creating a new roleplaying game. 

    We have several unique qualities compared to most Dragon Ball RPGs!


    • The Time Patrol - Allowing us to explore and interact with all aspects of the canon Dragon Ball universe as well as literally infinite other possibilities! Our setting includes a few additional aspects not touched on in the Xenoverse RPG which we hope will help us to make an engaging and exciting world to explore.
    • PvE Focus – We are a game about a group of people working together against outside forces; we do not allow PC antagonists. You can spar to your heart’s content, but the Storytellers will take on the role of the villains. 
    • Game Systems – From crafting to Research to traditional martial arts training and combat, we have systems to help characters of all sorts find a place in the world.

    In our exciting Alpha phase, we're getting all of these features ready for prime time! Join today, and be ready to leave your mark on the history of the game as one of the first Cadets! Perhaps you will be Conton City's next Hero!

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