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    Description: A modern fantasy crime RP with a school add on that accepts magical students and non.
    Date Opened: 11/15/2015
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:


    Almost two years old, founded November 15, 2015, moved to Jcink July 8, 2017.
    16+, 18+ areas with Jcink Premium. No word count, shipper app, no character caps or bans.
    We do have a couple custom boxes you can label yourself in profiles for a biography if you desire one.
    Simplistic, common sense rules. Welcoming and mature community. Approachable staff.
    ESL, beginner, and I be havin' a job and ain't got time for that friendly.
    Solid, developed setting lore, several races to choose from, unique wand conduits.
    United States based, fictional city of Cree Falls, Nebraska. Magic and Mundane collide in Cree Falls.
    Optional magic school -- both magical characters and mundane ones can attend this school.
    Member driven plot-lines, lots of plotting opportunity, and we're all plot fiends. Lots of want ads!
    Reborn gods mechanic, street gangs, international mafias, celebrities, figure skaters, supernatural politics.
    LGBTQIA+ friendly, poly friendly, understanding of neuro-divergencies. Come make some POC, too!
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