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    Description: An animanga and original AU action roleplay set in Continent of Altrus where peace was destroyed by demons.
    Date Opened: 05/10/2016
    MPAA Rating: PG
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:






    It was a savage darkness like no other. Demons descended from the gates and started to wreak havoc in our world - this world called Altrus. 
    With great effort, the nobles built a last stand; hoping to gather the strongest and bravest of men and women. The wisest and the most cunning. 

    Do you wish for fame and honor? Or mayhap you fight for a just cause? 

    Are you the hero we need?


    Continent of Altrus (CoA) is an original world that we have created where you will train to become the hero to save and recover Altrus from the grasp of its enemies, the outraging demons.


    • We do literate RPG style (with heavy action)
    • We accept face claims and original characters
    • We have our own geography that could help you imagine our world better
    • We have an original plot that is easy to follow through
    • You can roleplay even without an application form (but just a villager, in limited areas, of course)
    • We have competitive admins and moderators to assist and guide you
    • We have an 18+ board for your cravings
    • You can become a hero


    The player gets to start off as a trainee in order to get into our Military Force, regardless of their reasons, which aims to battle against the continent's enemy and take back its peace. There are training threads, quests, missions and expeditions available for everyone to enjoy. The admins also provide assistance with their character building, skill building and description. The player also gets to trigger items and information inside our world when something is done that the administrators see fit for new information to be revealed. The player also has the chance to become the hero that the continent has been searching for.

    Site Updates

    May 20, 2017: Forum features updated and started Featured Character Poll! [link]

    May 16, 2017: Graduation Ball Grand Event! [link]

    May 03, 2017: New Updates in Altrus. [link]

    Mar 31, 2017: Released initial quests, missions and training threads in connection to the new training system. [link]

    Mar 30, 2017: Updated threads in connection to the new Training System. [link]

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