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    Description: An Animorphs roleplay set about 17 years after the liberation of Earth.
    Date Opened: 05/03/2017
    MPAA Rating: R
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:

    Animorphs Continuation is set 17 years after the end of the war.  Earth and the Hork-Bajir and Taxxon worlds have been liberated.  The Yeerk Empire has been defeated, but rumors exist of a new force gathering beyond Kelbrid borders.  Earth knows that aliens exist, and this brings its own problems including a rise in terrorism.  With the Animorphs gone, it is up to a new generation to shape the fate of the galaxy.


    • Set after the events of the Animorphs series
    • OC-centric, but canons are allowed
    • Aliens and humans both playable
    • Custom alien races allowed!
    • Guest-friendly Discord chat
    • Fill out your profile application then start playing!
    • Hosted on IcyBoards


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    Soft Opening:  I am submitting us to directories, and people are free to join, but consider us at a soft opening at the present time.  I want to make sure everything is working and that people can access things with ease, before I officially launch the site.

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