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    Description: Following the defeat of the Reach there is a lot of clean up to do, so much questions left unanswered, and trouble just around the corner.
    Date Opened: 08/01/2015
    MPAA Rating: PG-13
    Adult Only? No

    RPG Rating:

    The foundation plot that will drive the storyline of the board.  This will develop further over time.  Please note that while we are picking up the Young Justice show plot from where it left off we do not focus solely on the characters of that show.  Any character that is brought into play will be welcomed and have a part!  We have plenty of fun stuff planned!  If you are worried or have a question, please just ask!


    Several months following the departure of Warworld from Earth, much has changed.  The Justice League, now recognized across the known universe, have extended responsibilities aside from Earth.  The Watchtower is a hive of activity these days as the League looks to expand its roster in order to fulfill the mandate they have set for themselves.  Members may be called upon to travel to unmarked quadrants of space or to assist in intergalactic affairs while still maintaining the safety of Earth.  New heroes emboldened by the Reach invasion and subsequent battles take to the streets now as independents with many seeking entry into the League.  It is a time of growth and expansion but not everyone wishes for peace and serenity.


    Splintered and shattered following Aqualad's successful deep-cover infiltration and their battle with the Team, The Light is wounded but hungrily looking to reclaim what was lost.  Those on the outside continue to scheme towards their ultimate goal while the wheels are turning to recover their associates incarcerated in Belle Reve Penitentiary.  Underneath black skies and on a hellish world, Vandal Savage and his new partner set their machinations into motion, their true intent hidden to all but themselves.  Back on Earth, previously unrevealed villains crawl out of the shadows to wreck havoc.  Many are operatives of The Light while others simply wish to sow chaos and destruction.  Some seek personal gain while others look to the stars and beyond.


    Opposing them are also the young heroes.  While a good few accepted the offer by the League to operate alongside them out of the Watchtower, others respectfully declined - an action first suggested by Nightwing.  They relocated to Jump City and named themselves the Titans.  Wishing to honor their past and those they have lost, they have based their new headquarters within another hollowed out mountain.  Christened Mount Valor, the name serves as a symbol around which they rally, determined now more than ever to defeating The Light.  With the League's responsibilities growing, The Team continues to act behind the scenes while the Titans have become much more involved in combating the various villains that have started to spring up around the world.  Undergoing a recruitment drive to fill out their ranks, The Team works much more closely with the Justice League, but both frequently team up with each other or the League when needed.


    The world as we know it is changing.  So many questions remain unanswered.  While some mourn the loss of Kid Flash, others are adamant he is still alive.  The young heroes attempt to move on while some simply cannot.  New threats of unknown origins abound as marauding invaders foreshadow a greater danger that is yet to arrive.  Governments are now turning a critical eye towards heroes, young and old.  Villains prowl the streets at night while anti-heroes are an unknown factor, helping everyone and no one at the same time.<BR><BR>

    While the pieces are put back together, new puzzles are emerging.  Communication with Mars has been lost and attempts to reestablish contact has failed.  A new Reach drink is in testing under a different company name where the focus group of unsuspecting people upon consuming it had their meta genes activated.  And with Batgirl's lead on Vandal Savage she has been able to put together a list of known addresses that Vandal Savage once lived at over the years; these are under thorough investigation.


    The heroes are all very aware that they have not seen the last of Vandal Savage or The Light...


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