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Welcome to Distant Fantasies.net forum. Here you will a variety of resources for roleplaying, creating and maintaining RPGs and information about the services offered at Distant Fantasies. Further information is available here. Although we offer services for a specific type of RPG (online, text based) the forum is open to all. So whether you've never role played in your life or are a tabletop player, pop on in, pull up a chair and join in the fun!
Join us and enjoy the following features:
  • Add your link to our directory.
  • Start new topics and reply to others
  • Subscribe to topics and forums to get email updates
  • Get your own profile page and make new friends
  • Send personal messages to other members.
  • And much more!
Come join in the conversation.
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Social Networks

Announcements and Updates 20 Apr 2014

Social Media Updates

Over the past three months Distant Fantasies has been revamping it's social media as well as creating new accounts on other Social Media Networks. This is an effort to spread DF all over the interwebs as well as giving you, the member, a chance to promote your games, have yourself and you game featured, interact with DF and other resources, and get the word out about this wonderful site! We hope that you get involved with the off sites and use them to give you and your game the widest exposure possible! Check out the revamped Social Plugs page and the site's sidebar for all of our additions and go and visit the SN's!  :D


We hope to utilise all of our social media for the benefit of the site and it's members and listed RPG's!


Twitter Feeds

The first revamp for DF's social media is in the form of the twitter feed! In the sidebar you should see a feed with tabs - these tabs each contain an individual feed!


For those of you who use it to advertise your wonderful sites once a week, we have a new feed for you dedicated to that! DF-Ads is located in the sidebar and is the place you can still plug your site once a week. There will be various DF adverts here too, as well as chances to pimp your board MORE than once a week. Here is the catch though... you need to be checking out the feed to discover when these opportunities are! We will continue to RT adverts, but ONLY adverts.


Distant Fantasies now has a dedicated news feed - this is the primary feed for the site. Here we will give you the most important updates and news, so we encourage you to follow it - but do not interact with it. We shall not be RT anything unless it is pertinent to Distant Fantasies. Direct messages are acceptable, especially if they are asking for help or about the status of the site. This is an excellent way to get in touch with the staff when the site is offline.


The community feed is where you, the members, really get to interact! Here we will link to fun threads, player adverts and requests, feature members and highlight forum services and fun! We will RT you, converse with you, basically... just have fun! Please do not post adverts, they will not be RT.



Enjoy the new twitters, interact with them and please give us feedback on them! 


Facebook and Google+

The two most used and wider appealing Social Networks also feature in Distant Fantasies plans. Our Facebook has been revamped with a look and new content, and we have added a Google+ page! Like us! Circle us! Plus1 us! Share us! Go and interact! Comment on our posts and take part in our "share for share" initiative. 


With these being the most popular networks we hope that you will all interact with us, since most members hopefully have one or both of these types of accounts, so will be able to support DF there! 



This is our second brand-spanking new addition to the Social Network family! Our Pinterest has a very unique purpose, for it will publish graphics made by contest winners as well as pin inspirational images for all kinds of genres and topics! Have a board to suggest? Then tell us in the Staff Contact Centre.


This is the place to indulge your visual needs, particularly when it comes to concepts, costumes, visual inspiration and genre specific characters and fandom fun! Please support us by liking, commenting and repinning our pins!



DF's Tumblr is still reblogging your adverts and will, in the near future be having a revamp as well.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Announcements and Updates 19 Apr 2014

Happy Easter!

The staff team would like to wish you all a happy Easter weekend and a fantastic spring time.


Don't forget we're running our Easter Egg Hunt at the moment!


You may have seen eggs dotted around *looks down and winks* and wondering what on earth they are about. Well; our lovely Featured staffer @Kajouka has hidden eggs and created some fantastic clues for you to find them.


To get started head over to this topic and find your first egg. The location of each egg contains the clue for the next one. So go on! Go win a spot for the RPG of your choice for the month of May!


The deadline is the 29th April so don't hesitate!


If you have any questions or are confused then don't hesitate to poke a staff member, pm @Kajouka or post here! :)

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New Staffer: RP Mod

Announcements and Updates 17 Apr 2014

New Staff Member!

Please join us in welcoming the latest addition to our staff team @The Afanc who has joined us as our first RP Mod :)

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Frequently Asked Questions is live

Announcements and Updates 14 Apr 2014


Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is now live and can be found pinned at the top of every forum as a global topic. The staff have been brainstorming for a while to make a fairly detailed one but we do want to know if YOU have any other questions! Nothing is too silly; we want you guys to be able to feel comfortable here at DF. So if something is puzzling you please let us know by commenting on the FAQ.


We hope the FAQ is useful and helps shed some light on the inner works on DF.

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Mini RPGs!

Announcements and Updates 09 Apr 2014

Mini RPGs are now open!

The past few months the staff have been reviewing our RP realm here at DF and put into action some major changes to it. Namely, we've removed RP events and added Mini-RPGs. While we loved the idea of RP Events they were not working as well as intended and we realised we wanted to do more with the RP Realm.


What are Mini-RPGs?


A Mini-RPG is a RPG a fully fledged RP forum right here on DF. It's a great way to play an RP idea out or reopen a past game without the hassle of putting a full sized site together. There is no restriction on maturity or type of RP but there are a few things required to get them setup. You'll have your own sub-forum and moderating privileges, as well as control over every aspect of the game.
To create a Mini-RPG we have set up a petition process; complete a form and meet the requirements and voilà you have your Mini-RPG!


The requirements are:

  • Two completed threads in the setting with 5 posts each.
  • 2 people willing to join in the game and sign the petition.


You can read more about Mini-RPGs and find out all the details about applying for one in this topic.


We've also added OOC Planning sub-forums to each RP category a sub-forum for listing thread trackers, templates and the like.


We hope you find these new additions useful but most of all have fun! The staff can't wait to see what you guys come up with :)

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Help make DF a community for all roleplayers

Announcements and Updates 09 Jan 2014

A Community for All

It has always been my desire to have DF open to all formats of online role play and all genres. The world of role playing online is massive and you can find rpg resources in all formats. While we are a forum, we want to help spread the word that DF isn't just for forum rpgs. We want to encourage role players form other formats and in other languages to connect with each other, using DF as a conduit.


How can you help?

There are several different ways to help with this mission.


1. Do you rp outside of forums and/or the popular forum hosts (jcink, invisionfree, proboards etc.)?

  • We want you to help us spread the word that DF isn't cliquey or just for certain hosts or formats.
  • We would also love for you to help us put together guides for other formats, such as journal based rpgs, twitter, chat, play by email and so forth.
  • Tell us what we're missing! Do you use particular resources? Let us know!
  • Share resources for particular hosts and fandoms.

2. Is English your second language?

  • Help us write messages in other languages so we can approach non-english rpgs.




Here are some banners and adverts you can use to help highlight the idea of an rpg community for everyone.



<a href="http://board.distant-fantasies.net/index.php/topic/1860-help-make-df-a-community-for-all-roleplayers/" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v339/artisticchardon/df/rpgcomm1_zps13e0f2ab.png" border="0"/></a>


<a href="http://board.distant-fantasies.net/index.php/topic/1860-help-make-df-a-community-for-all-roleplayers/" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v339/artisticchardon/df/rpgcomm2_zpsd918803e.png" border="0"/></a>


<a href="http://board.distant-fantasies.net/index.php/topic/1860-help-make-df-a-community-for-all-roleplayers/" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v339/artisticchardon/df/rpgcomm3_zps426329a9.png" border="0"/></a>


<center><a href="http://board.distant-fantasies.net/index.php/topic/1860-help-make-df-a-community-for-all-roleplayers/" target="_blank"><img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v339/artisticchardon/df/rperswanted_zps42fa272b.png" border="0"/></a></center>

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Growing pains

Announcements and Updates 13 Mar 2014

Growing Pains

Hey everyone,

Sorry about all the issues. I'm still working out the kinks in the server configuration. Shouldn't be much longer before it's all fixed. I'm working with my host to get it optimized.

Thank you for your patience.

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Server Move Complete

Announcements and Updates 12 Mar 2014

Server Move Complete

Hey everyone!


It was a lot faster then I'd even imagined. While there still may be DNS issues for the next few days, the site you are seeing is the correct one and you are free to post again as normal.


Any login or other issues please clear your cached files and cookies before posting in the Staff Contact Forum.


Thanks for your patience and understanding!

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Server Downtime 3/9/14

Announcements and Updates 10 Mar 2014

Server Downtime 3/9/14

Hey everyone. I apologize for the down time yesterday. There is a long story that I won't bore you with but this is why we are moving. This down time will be moving up my time line for all of this.


Apologies, we will be up on our new server by the end of the week.

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Server Move

Announcements and Updates 09 Mar 2014

Changing Hosts

As some have noticed the current host that DF is on is unstable and goes down rather randomly for 5-10 minutes. While it's up it runs just fine but after trying to resolve issues we have given up on trying to fix a problem that they can't even find.


That being said DF will be moving to a new host in the next week.


We appreciate your understanding.


What does this mean?

It means that when the new server is up all sites that are on Morrgasm hosting will be going down for about 3-4 days while we transfer the domains and current information to the new host. During this period we will be shutting DF offline so that we don't lose any of your content.


There will only be a short warning before we start this process as we want to mitigate down time to as short as possible.


Anything I should know?

Login issues may return so it would be advisable that if you get to the new host and you aren't able to login, to clear your cached files and cookies.


Is this better?

Absolutely! Morrgasm will be moving to a dedicated server instead of a VPS, this means we aren't sharing anymore. This also means increased server capacity (Hard drive, RAM, bandwidth and CPU usage). All around this will be the best.


Only downfall is that it means the server is more expensive so any help that you can provide by donating is always welcome but necessary.


Will I get updates?

You will get updates from my Twitter @CaptainMorrigan or the DF Community Twitter @DFantasies_Com

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Non-RPG Affiliates

RPG Affiliates

A Tale of Two Cities: Minnesota by Night Absit Omen Before the Mast Chaotic Origin Charming Chronicles of Thedas Creations between Worlds Darkness in Me Dragons' Cove Edolon: A Tournament of Shadows Endless Fight Forsilvra Fractured Ascendancy Frontier under Fire Guardians Arising Hou Tian IwakuRoleplay.com Regenesis-X S.H.I.E.L.D Second Pass SOULS.ON.FIRE Star Wars: Children of Tomorrow Star Wars: Fate of the Galaxy The Darkest Times The Next Incantation The Quickening Threadbare Type-Rn/Mobius of Echelon UPSTATE Warden's Vigil Witch Storm Hogwarts Redux Infinite Crisis, Rewrite! Catch-22: Arkham City Fire Emblem: Uprising Harper Region Tron: End of the Line (Year 2) Aeterna Roma Circle the Wagons Stalking Shadows WantSome Yaoi RP Corona Heights Mortal Ends Defiance In Truth Heroes Never Die Once Upon A Dream The Omniverse Bloodlines v2 Rebuilding Hogwarts Magic