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    • October Challenge Information   09/30/2015

      Welcome to the October Challenge!!!!!   This months challenge is a Scavenger hunt that we are doing in 4 legs! The theme is Autumn/Halloween and we want you to have fun finding all the stuff we're posting for you. How it works: Post a thread in this forum with the link to the site you are supporting in the directory. Note: Name of thread doesn't matter and and only staff can see your answers.Next, post a subsequent post (must wait five minutes minimum) with the answers/things in the order posted in the announcement. If you don't finish finding everything when you post the first post please make sure to post a subsequent post to tell us you completed it (there is a reason for this!).Each hunt list item is worth 1 point (totaling 10 per week=40 overall).Additionally you can earn more points if you post yours quickly.Post same day that the hunt starts for that week earn 7 points.Second day earns 6 points.Third day earns 5 points.Fourth day earns 4 points.Fifth day earns 3 points.Sixth day earns 2 points.Seventh day earns 1 point.Any day after that earns no additional bonus. Time deadline for each day will be at 8PM PST so the staff can check it.Rules: Anyone may join in on this but we will take only top points holders for each site that participates (no combining of scores).We ask that you work individually on this to allow all members to hunt for their own items.If any of the items are confusing please post in your thread with a question and a staff member will get back to you ASAP. Note: We will guide you but you still must find your own items.
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  1. Rules & Announcements

    1,610 posts

    Here you will find announcements, and rules regarding specific services available at Distant Fantasies, such as the directories, gallery and RPG reviews.


    Use this forum to contact the Distant Fantasies staff and share any comments, complaints or suggestions. This is the best way to contact the staff team and this forum is Guest Friendly :)



    5 posts

    Here is where the monthly updates are posted. Check out what's new, what's changed and who won what in this forum.

  2. Chat & Discussion

    4,905 posts

    The General Discussion forum is here for you to discuss anything related to roleplaying that isn't covered anywhere else on the board. Any form of roleplaying may be discussed here. We encourage you to discuss all formats of roleplaying not just forum/play by post RPGs.

    Got a great idea for an RPG or character but need help or want some feedback? Share it with the rest of the forum at the campfire.

    Code Gallery

    57 posts

    Any and all codes whether they be post templates, rule templates and the like, feel free to post it here!

    Graphics Requests

    266 posts

    Requests for avatars, signatures, headers, pips gifs all belong here. This includes adding text to headers in the DF Gallery.


    If you are looking for a specific code or need a post template then this is the place to post your request.

    Is something broken? Not working properly? Here you can get assistance (or give assistance) for all issues with code!

  3. Hosting

    2 posts

    Free hosting offered by DF on our dedicated server.

    No posts here yet

    Find Staff

    262 posts

    If you need assistance with your roleplay whether it's temporary or permanent, moderators, graphic artists, advertisers or beyond, search for the right person here.


    Find Affiliates

    200 posts

    Exchange links with other roleplays to generate more traffic and to share the roleplay love.

    Site Reviews

    34 posts

    Request other members of the site to look at your site and give their opinion. This can be from veteran roleplayers to newer players just getting used to everything.

  4. Find an RPG

    202 posts

    It's not always easy to find an RPG that meets your needs so post here and get them to come to you!

    This is the place to post requests for plots and characters related to your own character/s.

    Canon Lists

    358 posts

    Staff members may post their sites canon lists for roleplay seekers to easily find wanted canons for their genre.

    We suggest you add a prefix with the type of canon you are looking for.

    This is the forum that you can request help in finding a playby or a graphic that fits your character.

  5. Monthly Feature

    523 posts

    Every month we give you the chance to get your RPG Featured for an entire month throughout the website and forum. We alternate between links selected from the directories and a challenge for you to win a spot!


    Writing Brawl

    304 posts

    Prove that words are mightier than the sword by joining in some of our writing challenges.

    Challenge Winners


    Graphics Clash

    240 posts

    Push your skills to the max and challenge yourself by joining in some of the graphics related challenges.

    Challenge Winners



    5 posts

    Come here to claim your awards, see new awards and find out when awards have been awarded!

  6. Welcome Mat

    1,822 posts

    Pop on in, meet new people and introduce yourself.

    The Hot Seat

    588 posts

    A place that you can ask the staff those burning questions that you were always wondering about them.

    This is where to chat about anything that doesn't have to do with Roleplays, from art to entertainment post and chat about it here.

    Writing Exhibit

    21 posts

    Show off your writing in this forum!

    No posts here yet

    Forum Games

    1,451 posts

    This is the place to play games, be random and silly or just test something.

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